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The film ‘Kashmir – Enigma of Paradise’ focuses on the untold history of Kashmir, which has not been seen in any film till now – Atul Garg.

Kashmir, which is called heaven on earth, has a back of its own. Sometimes we faced the fear of Turks and Mughals, thousands of innocent people were killed. Here people have played the game of religious conversion. Thousands of temples were demolished. Now the world is being told that Kashmir and the studio have once again returned to the mainstream. Many films have been made on the background of Kesha. In which Kashmir has been presented from its perspective. Now for the first time, the story from the beginning of the 1920s till today will be seen.

The film ‘Kashmir – Enigma of Paradise’ focuses on the untold history of Kashmir, which has not been seen in any film till now – Atul Garg.

The shooting of the film ‘Kashmir – Enigma of Paradise’ is currently going on in Ellora Studio, Mumbai. Earlier, some choreography of the film was shot in Kashmir. The film aims to present an honest portrayal of Elle Kesha beyond the stereotypes traditionally seen on the silver screen. Which has not been shown in any film yet. The film will highlight the untold history of Kashmir, spanning over 100 years from the early 1920s to today.

Atul Garg, director of the film ‘Kashmir – Enigma of Paradise’, says, ‘Many films were made in the name of Kashmir, but no one explored its history of more than a century as we have tried in the name of Kashmir. ‘ are doing. With the film, we want to take the audience on an exciting journey from pre-independence to today’s Kashmir. The film’s director Atul Garg further said, ‘Beyond the stereotypes often portrayed in films, the real nature of Kashmir, its lifestyle, style and culture is also depicted. Is. Our aim is to depict its often unique architecture and culture. The shooting of the film is for approximately 100 days, of which two schedules have been completed in Kashmir. After shooting in Mumbai, the next shooting of this film will be done in Manali Beautiful audience after which preparations will be made for grand level release.

Actor Reenal Saran, who made his debut in films with Aamir Khan’s film ‘Taare Zameen Par’, is playing a special role in the film. He says, the story of ‘Kashmir – Enigma of Paradise’ is very interesting. The film’s subject matter and context are complex. I had to prepare a lot for this film. Working in films as an actor is a great learning experience. The most important thing is that by working in this film, I got a chance to give a message to Kashmir. The audience of this film will be surprised to know that it is made of some interesting chocolates.

In this film, veteran actor Raza Mufti is playing a very powerful character. Raza Muff said, ‘I am playing the character of Mohammad Yusuf Shah in this film, who is generally known as Saeed Saeeduddin. He is the head of Hizbul Mujahideen and United Jihadi Council, organizations active in Kashmir. Objective: The objective is to merge unorganized Jammu and Kashmir into Pakistan.

Produced by Eternal Films, the film stars Rainal Saparia, Anushathan Duggal, Raza Mughal, Pooni Bhatt, Manish Khanna, Purti Tulhaq, Teekha Puri, Sajjad Delafrouze, Ram Gopal Bajaj, Adhyayan Suman, MK Ryan, Arif Zakaria, Pawan Chopra, Amit Bahl, Mahesh Balraj, Praneet Bhatt, Delbar, Arya, Niharika Raizada, Mir Server are in lead roles. The film’s cinematographer is Fasahat Khan, head of production – Barun Maurya, production designer Prashant Rane, action director Sunil Rodrigues and publicist Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala .

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