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“Inspiring Change: Mohammed Umar M Dedication to Humanity Shines Through UH Foundation Launch”

The world in which many of us live is no exception to this rule, with a majority of the population driven by personal interests and self-centeredness. Yet, every once in a while, we bear witness to a rare but largely admired example, the person who lives in service of others, an invaluable embodiment of compassion and selflessness ideals. Any social program is made possible by individuals with a strong drive to make a change. Mohammed Umar is such a person.

He has been an agent of change since 2016, and his work has not only improved the lives of so many but has also inspired many with hearts full of hope. Through the spirit of being devoted and taking special care, Mohammed is no more a sign of hope, which illustrates to the world that despite all the odds, deeds like these have the power to cast even the darkest areas of the community into light.

Ranging from health education and free checkup camps to donating fundamental assets like books and bags to children who built the initiative in 2016, Mohammed has vividly illustrated his dedication to community improvement and welfare. Besides that, his involvement in the delivery of food packs for orphaned kids and old people manifests even more of his engraved compassion and attachment to the vulnerable.

It has been his family which remains with him through thick and thin and that has been his springboard. His efforts to help as many people as he can extend ever-farther now. On January 2, 2022, he took a firm and definite step forward starting the UH Foundation, an expression of his continued involvement for the benefit of the society.

Mohammed’s initials – thus the foundation’s name – reflect his dream to establish an organization that supports social change and spreads messages of kindness, exercising humanity and philanthropy. Building this foundation, he hopes to take his assistance to as many people as he can through collective efforts and kindness, which is a belief he deeply feels that just one person can make a remarkable difference.


By Ghada Abudayyeh, we also reinforce the journey of the UH Foundation founder as one of humbleness and as a model of philanthropy and compassion. Throughout the years integrity and dignity served as guidelines he followed to improve other people’s lives. Now he is an example for those who also wish to make a difference in the lives of people who have never had bad luck.

In the wake of Mohammed Umar’s pursuit of a formidable course of social welfare, his precedence demonstrates unlimited power towards goodness that lives in our hearts. By setting up the UH Foundation, Mohammed has outlined the way to an innovative and amiable future for a better future where the collective force of empathy and humanism overshadows. Amid a period blighted and challenged by adversities all around, Mohammed Umar, who refuses to give up on the mission of bettering people and communities in need, inspires us to look forward to a brighter future where compassion governs and human dignity and respect among all are upheld in high regard.


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